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Gaudí Souvenirs

Barcelona souvenirs Gaudí Souvenirs Memories of Barcelona

It’s impossible to talk about Barcelona without mention one of the most influent person on the building and construction of the actual character of the city: Antoni Gaudí. This architect is responsible of magnificent creations as the Parc Guell, Casa Batlló or Sagrada Familia. But also is responsible of fill in the city of Barcelona and Catalunya with many other creations as the lampposts of Plaça Real, the first job that he has done for the city of Barcelona. Gaudí was more than an architect, he also was a great designer and an artist of lots of elements as the...

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Impala Motorbike and Motorbike Culture in Barcelona

Barcelona souvenirs Impala Motorbike

Laia Sanz, Marc Coma, Marc Márquez or Adam Raga are some of the names that appear in the international world of motorcycling and all of them come from Catalunya. This is not by chance, in Catalonia there is an important motorcycle culture: If you walk around Barcelona, you’ll see lots of motorbikes; if you ride along the roads of Catalonia on weekend you’ll also see a main number of motorbikes of people that do this kind of riding trips with friends. Same happens with professional moto riding, where you can find lots of people practising all modalities of Motorbikes World....

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Souvenirs in Barcelona

Barcelona souvenirs Barcelona’s Skyline Casteller Letamendi Square

Many years ago, one of the most typical picture of tourists in Barcelona was to see them with a Mexican Hat walking through the “Ramblas”. The Mexican hat became one of the most popular souvenirs in Barcelona. Nowadays, tourism in Barcelona had done a step forward, and the typical souvenirs have evolved to memories from the city, Catalonia or Spain (not Mexico ;) ) . A part of some of the most typical souvenirs, we can also find a great variety of memories that a tourist can purchase in the city of Barcelona or in the website In Bye...

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