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FC Barcelona, champion of the Spanish league 2016

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FC Barcelona is one of the most International signs that we have in the city. This team has won many titles, the most of them in the last twenty years. Very few clubs in the world have won so many titles. The club's greatest pride and joy remain to the five European Cup titles and the three FIFA Club World Cups (2009, 2011 and 2015). And today we want to talk of FC Barcelona, because last week, this team became the champion of the Spanish league and this weekend will fight for the title of the super cup of Spain.

By many people in the city and Catalonia, FC Barcelona (also known as Barça) is more than a club. FC Barcelona is a sign of fighting and a source of inspiration, an example to their lives. They show how to work to obtain results and they do in a way that inspire lots of people. Is for that reason that we feel proud of this team. A great example of this is what some artists of the city make in his honour. In our shop online you’ll find some examples like this Chocolate Barça done by chocolatier Enric Rovira.

Chocolate Barça by Enric Rovira

Football is very present in our lives, we talk about football, we read about it and we watch the games. We also play football in many ways: if you go to many bars in the city you will find what we call as “Futbolin” and most of people play for hours to this amazing table game.

Football Table RS#2 Red

In Bye Buy Barcelona, we have a special way to honour football and FC Barcelona. We have in our souvenir shop online an original souvenir for people that came to Barcelona, make a visit to the stadium of FCB and want to taste the original “Futbolín Table Game”.  In our souvenirs shop you will find this incredible football table with football players dressed with FC Barcelona colours. This table is made with high quality materials and its resistant to weather.

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