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The Uniqueness of Barcelona Skyline

Barcelona souvenirs Barcelona’s Skyline Memories of Barcelona

From the top of the viewpoint “El Turó de la Rovira” you can see the original Skyline of Barcelona. This Skyline makes the city so especially: sandy beaches, a port, a wide mountain range and very different kinds of constructions and buildings with different heights, forms and fronts that characterize it. Remarkable buildings like the famous Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar or mountains like the Montjuic hill and Tibidado. In addition, the tessellated applied raster of streets and avenues are very typically for the city. Barcelona is rich of multilateral architecture and architectural styles range from roman and gothic architecture to modernist architecture. As we also told in our blog, one of the most famous architects was Antoni Gaudí. He is the one who gave the city his own handwriting. Because of this multilateral architecture, Barcelona is one of the most distinguished metropolis of design and architecture. During your visit, you will see and feel the unique flair of the city.


Because of the originality of Barcelona Skyline many people want to have this profile of the city as a memory to make their own homes more modern and to bring the unique flair of Barcelona at home. If you would like to decorate your living room, kitchen, your house or apartment with the stunning Skyline of Barcelona or bring the unique flair and the lifestyle of Barcelona at home, we have the perfect memories for you. In our online shop, you will find two unique and unusual souvenirs. First, we want to present you a modern and special Skyline, our Barcelona Skyline created by Òxids. What makes this Barcelona Skyline unique is its material because it is made of rusty iron, which makes the Skyline very modern and trendy. If you have been to Barcelona or not with this originally Skyline you can take a piece of the city into your home and create an urban feeling and a Barcelona flair.

Barcelona Skyline Toy

And for all the little visitors, Bye Buy Barcelona online shop has another special memory – the Barcelona Skyline Toy. This Skyline toy is not only for kids. It consists of four parts with four colors: green, blue, red and yellow. Because of this, children are able to create their own Barcelona Skyline in just the way they would like to. But also the material makes this toy enjoyable. Made out of wood the kids cannot destroy your Skyline and parents must not be scary because children cannot hurt them self with this toy.

The Barcelona Skyline Toy is a very entertaining and stimulating construction game for children all ages. Further it helps to stimulate fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination. Children are able to play with it alone or together with other children.

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