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Catalan cuisine, world-famous food brands

Catalan gastronomy Gourmet Memories of Barcelona

(Image taken from the website Torres)

In Catalonia, we enjoy a characteristic gastronomy within the Mediterranean diet that includes a variety of sea products, from the mountain and garden. It should be noted that the Catalan cuisine has provided a number of world-renowned dishes.

In addition, in Catalonia we also have world-renowned chefs like Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda or the Roca brothers, all Michelin-rated and with waiting lists in their restaurants for months.

Adding to this list of successes in the Catalan cuisine, we find food brands that have crossed borders. In this post we are going to talk about two of them, famous for its high quality.

First we find the historical Bodegas Torres, active from 1870 to the present. Guided by values committed to the environment, the best quality and the family, nowadays this brand presents high quality products on the market. We cannot lose its award-winning Red Wine Mas La Plana Torres (used in the gastronomy tour of the already mentioned Roca brothers), its attractive Brandy Jaime I Torres or the Mediterranean Red Wine Salmos Torres. With these products we take a bit of Catalonia in our special meals.

Brandy Jaime I Torres

On the other hand, we have another historical brand that sweetens our day to day, the house of chocolate par excellence in Barcelona, Casa Amatller. We recommend you that do not miss the beautiful facade of its emblematic house in Barcelona if you ever visit the city. Thanks to the called "the secret of Amatller", they manage to make an excellent product perfect to enjoy with the five senses. Among its range of chocolates, we highlight three of the most delicious assortment boxes, the Assorted Box, the Assortiment I or the Assortiment II. In addition, not only we find chocolate of the highest quality, but as a demonstration of how they care to the last detail with all their products, their boxes are decorated with inspirational Art Nouveau which also provides an artistic touch to our home, the perfect memory of our time spent in Barcelona.

Chocolate Casa Amatller

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