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Impala Motorbike and Motorbike Culture in Barcelona

Barcelona souvenirs Impala Motorbike

Laia Sanz, Marc Coma, Marc Márquez or Adam Raga are some of the names that appear in the international world of motorcycling and all of them come from Catalunya. This is not by chance, in Catalonia there is an important motorcycle culture:

If you walk around Barcelona, you’ll see lots of motorbikes; if you ride along the roads of Catalonia on weekend you’ll also see a main number of motorbikes of people that do this kind of riding trips with friends. Same happens with professional moto riding, where you can find lots of people practising all modalities of Motorbikes World.

Along the history of this world, Catalonia also had a large number of moto factories and some of this main brands were Montesa, Bultaco, OSSA or Derbi. Montesa was the company that manufactured one of the most famous Motorcicles of Barcelona: The Montesa Impala.

Montesa Impala was a model manufactured by Montesa Motorcycle in two stages: the first from 1962 to 1971 and the second with the name of Impala 2 from 1982 to 1989. This motorcycle was also adapted for motocross, enduro and trial. But they all shared the same general characteristics: single-cylinder two-stroke engine, air-cooled, single cradle frame, drum brakes and conventional fork dampers front and rear.

Nowadays this motorcycle industry remains in the memory of people from Barcelona and we cannot go home without visiting the motorcycle museum to admire the beautifull motorcycles of our history. If you fall in love with the Montesa Impala you can purchase in the website of ByeBuyBarcelona a copy of the Montesa Impala, a memory that a motorcycle lover must have.

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