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Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney

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Salvador Dalí is one of the most international artists that we have in Catalonia. His concept of art became a revolution and his way of expression was unique. Its defined as a brilliantly eccentric Spanish Surrealist and during his life had many influent friends. Within these friends there is Walt Disney and its friendship is a result of a mutual admiration.

If you are a Dalí fan, you should know about an exhibition that reflects this friendship. This exhibition is called “Disney and Dali: Architects of imagination” and you can find it in Florida, USA. The exhibition is presented through an interactive multimedia experience of original paintings, conceptual artwork, story sketches, correspondences, objects, archival film, photographs, and audio. We can see details of its friendship but also we can admire a common work: a never ended animated film called “Destino”.

In addition, if you are a Dalí Fan you will enjoy you visit in Barcelona and Catalonia because you will find many references to this artist and Surrealism, and its influence in the architecture of Barcelona. However, the most interesting place to go is Figueres where you will find the Dalí Museum and Gala Foundation. To visit Figueres you can go by train from Barcelona and the time travel is about an hour and a half.

Dali - Leda Armchair by BD Barcelona Design

Finally, we offer you the opportunity to decorate your home in Dali Style within some of our exclusive pieces. In our shop online, you will find some articles related with this artist. We highlight an Armchair taken from “Femme á la téte rose” or a sofa that encourages confidence. If you want a little memory from Dali, we offer to you a Book of Dali where you will find information about his art and life, two inseparable elements and that will make you understand this artist.

Dali - Vis a Vis de Gala by BD Barcelona Design

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