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St. Jordi’s Day. Feel the magic of this day on Barcelona.

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If you are visiting Barcelona this weekend you will find a great surprise. This Saturday is Sant Jordi’s day, one of the most beautiful days of the year in the city of Barcelona. Saint George (Jordi in Catalan) is the patron saint of Catalonia and there is a version of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon made in Catalonia. 

This legend explains that Saint George saved a princess and a village from a terrible dragon. When Saint George killed the dragon, from the blood of the dragon grew up a rose and Saint George gave this rose to the princess. Is for that reason that it’s typical in Catalonia that men gave roses to women. Not only is an action that lovers do, to give an example, sons also give roses to mothers and brothers to their sisters.

Walking in Barcelona the 23th of April is an incredible experience, you’ll discover lots of stands selling roses and lots of bookshops selling books. Because the 23th of April is also the day of the book. So this celebration along with Sant Jordi’s day join together to make one of the best weekends if you are planning to visit the city because, as we said, you will see roses, books and lots of people enjoying the magic of this beautiful day.

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If you want to have a great memory of this day, you can visit our Barcelona books section in our shop online Bye Buy Barcelona. You will find unique books that illustrate landscapes, traditions and moments of Barcelona, Catalonia, one of the most representative architects of modernism in the city such as Gaudí or his work most recognized, the famous Sagrada Familia. Don’t miss our book about Dalí, global symbol of the art of surrealism. Purchasing this books and giving them as a present to your friends is the best way of feeling part of Barcelona and its traditions.

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