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Souvenirs in Barcelona

Barcelona souvenirs Barcelona’s Skyline Casteller Letamendi Square

Many years ago, one of the most typical picture of tourists in Barcelona was to see them with a Mexican Hat walking through the “Ramblas”. The Mexican hat became one of the most popular souvenirs in Barcelona. Nowadays, tourism in Barcelona had done a step forward, and the typical souvenirs have evolved to memories from the city, Catalonia or Spain (not Mexico ;) ) . A part of some of the most typical souvenirs, we can also find a great variety of memories that a tourist can purchase in the city of Barcelona or in the website

In Bye Buy Barcelona we believe in quality souvenirs. Memories and presents that can become part of your home decoration or be a great present.  One of the most interesting souvenirs is the Barcelona’s Skyline done with rusty iron. This souvenir is an ideal sculpture for any corner of your home or office. Another of the souvenirs that we like to highlight is the “Nan Casteller” for its cultural character of one of the most impressive elements of culture. Finally, the original till of Letamendi Square are a really original present because this type of tills have all the character of Barcelona’s nineteen century and we can still find most of them for all the city.

We believe that Barcelona has a great character and this city deserves the best, also in his souvenirs. In our website you can find a great selection of the best and original memories of the city of Barcelona.

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