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@Time Barcelona - Sagrada Familia

Recently the magazine @Time has published an extensive report, with a cover included in the #SagradaFamilia.

It is the most important monument in Barcelona, ​​with more visitors, but still under construction.

Today, more than two dozen architects are working on the project and 200 workers in total are making it possible to finish the construction in 2026 ... it seems far away, but it is just over 5 years.
Gaudí worked for 43 years in the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, which was originally thought to be a Neo-Gothic church, although when the project passed into the hands of the Catalan architect, he did not hesitate to change the original plans, becoming a structure that would combine the natural forms and the Christian symbolism in a temple.
The article in @Times magazine explains in depth what the current state of the temple is, when the works will end, or what the Holy Family will look like once the construction is finished, which has become "one of the oldest construction projects" of the world".
But it is noteworthy that the interior of the Sagrada Familia, completed completely, is majestic and very attractive, due in large part to the windows with the windows that evoke the nature that both admired Gaudí and that both captivated him, and that are the work of the glazier Joan Vil-Grau, following the advice of Antoni Gaudí. In this exceptional video shot by @Times we can enjoy its majesty:

Gaudí seeks the maximum contrast. The lightest stained glass windows are located in the highest parts, so that the light enters and illuminates the mosaics and gildings of the vaults that characterize the naves. On the other hand, the figurations and texts of the stained-glass windows are in the lower area, so that they are more visible to visitors and can be read or visualized better.

This nature that Gaudí admired is not only reflected in the Sagrada Familia, but also in most of his architectural works, such as Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera or Casa Milà, etc.

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