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The best gift to learn and enjoy with Barcelona

Barcelona’s Skyline

Barcelona is a very popular city for people from all over the world. Every day receives thousands of visitors who come to know the City with the family and / or friends.

At Bye Buy Barcelona we know very well what each one of these travelers like and why we offer the best articles, gifts and souvenirs for the memory of the holidays or the weekend getaway.

Barcelona offers a large number of monuments and points of interest to its citizens and visitors. As you well know, the architecture of Gaudí of recognized international prestige, is one of its major attractions. But when we travel or discover Barcelona, ​​we must remember that it offers much more than buildings, parks and sculptures. The Mediterranean gastronomy of the city is one of its greatest attractions, as is the beach and the pleasant climate that accompanies the city throughout the year.

Today at Bye Buy Barcelona we will focus on one of the most representative elements of the city: the Barcelona skyline.


We are in love with the city and its curves, therefore, we offer you a series of exclusive articles that will make the city accompany you when you return to your home.

Miciti is an educational wooden game that will delight the little ones in the house and make them entertain while they learn.


Because it is important?

The best way to learn is to enjoy it. With Miciti, the skyline of Barcelona, ​​your sons and daughters will do it. Who knows, maybe you have a future home architect waiting to develop their full potential.

Give Miciti to your son / daughter and have fun building Barcelona in your home. You will stimulate your fine motor skills, eye - hand coordination and special relationship while having a pleasant time.

The time has come ... Hands on!                

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