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The sweetest "sin" in Barcelona

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Lovers of chocolate and Barcelona, ​​this article will love you.
From Bye Buy Barcelona we bring you a very special basket; an assortment of four types of Amatller chocolates, a delight for those in love with dark chocolate.
Chocolate Amatller is an icon of Barcelona. He started making chocolate in the year 1797 in the Born neighborhood and, currently, they are already in the sixth generation of chocolate masters. Your shop, on the prestigious Passeig de Gràcia street, is a must for people visiting Barcelona.
The secret of this masterpiece lies in three factors: selection of top quality ingredients, innovation in the production processes and the passion of a family dedicated to making chocolate of the highest quality.
If during your visit to Barcelona you did not have the opportunity to taste such delight, with our special assortment Chocolate Amatller you will complete your trip and live the complete Barcelona experience.
The basket contains 4 types of delicious dark chocolate:
Chocolate 85% cocoa origin Ghana 70g
Chocolate 85% cocoa origin Ecuador 70g
Chocolate 70% cocoa origin Ghana 18g
Chocolate 70% cocoa origin Ecuador 18g

Now that you know the sweetest "sin" in Barcelona, ​​sin with pleasure!

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