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Some of the “Must” places to visit in Barcelona

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If you are visiting our website is because you are interested in Barcelona. As you know, Barcelona is a special city located by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by a mountain range. Barcelona is a place with many contrasts and places to visit and if you are in the city, you should need to know the “must” places to visit.

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One of the most famous attraction is the Sagrada Familia church, which was designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudí during 1883 until he died in 1926 and that nowadays is still in construction. The numerous details of the frontage and the biblical histories hidden inside and outside the building are one of the most remarkable elements. Also very impressive are the 18 towers: 8 of them are more than 100 meters high and the others are still in construction. However, not only the Sagrada Familia church is a building of Gaudí. In addition, Park Güell, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a few modernist buildings like Casa Batlló or Casa Mila, just to name some, come from the famous architect. As you can see Antoni Gaudí is very important for Barcelona and he will accompany you wherever you go.

Photo Casa Batlló

Another very popular place is the museum of the famous painter Pablo Picasso with a permanent collection that shows the very early creations of Picasso. This paintings illustrates the deep, intensive and intimate relationship between Picasso and the city of Barcelona. To honor the great painter and in memory of Pablo Picasso the museum opened in 1963 and make the 4251 paintings accessible to people around the world. Not to forget are the the popular walking street Las Ramblas, Camp Nou stadium home of the FC Barcelona football club or the Barrio Gothic quarter.

If you would like to take home your own and very special memory of your visit our online shop offer you a few original souvenirs. What makes these souvenirs special are the very many details of all the popular places of Barcelona. Because of this, they will bring back your memories of your visit in Barcelona. One example, which shows the best memories of Barcelona, is the Aluminum Bottle Barcelona. It is a 100 % BPA-free bottle, made from pure extruded aluminum, reusable and recyclable. So wherever you go sip by sip will you be remembered of your trip to Barcelona.

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Other products of the Enamora de Barcelona-Line are the Notebook Barcelona in which you could write the best memories and dream every single day or how often you like of your trip to Barcelona. Or the Dressing Case Barcelona in which you could store all your personal little things you bought during your stay and the Mug Barcelona which is a beautiful memory and will remember you every morning on Park Güell, the city quarter Eixample, the famous Plaça Catalunya and so on. All of these souvenirs are also very special presents for your family members or friends. At the end enjoy your visit and have fun with your very special memories.

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