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Mercè, a festival in Barcelona.

Barcelona souvenirs Festival Barcelona Merçè 2016

La Mercè is a unique festival in Barcelona and one of the most expected events of the year. Every city and town has a festivity week, called here "Festa Mayor", and La Merce is the one in Barcelona, and as a capital of autonomic community, one of the most importants in Catalonia. The dates of the festival are from 22 September to 25 September. It is a perfect occasion to enjoy free activities in the city, and discover catalan traditions such as "castellers" and "gegants", see fireworks, and definetly enjoy a different Barcelona, where we find people from around the world. Is a week full of great activities, dance performance, music concerts and many other events. 

What you need to know if you want to go to la Mercè?

Everything is in the website dedicated to La Mercè, you will find the day to day program with times, locations and details of the activities We assure you that you will enjoy this great city and in purpose for this, in this post, we also propose the perfect complements and souvenirs from Barcelona that suits this festival the most. We anticipate that you will make great memories and enjoy this unique event.

As a curiosity, every year the poster for La Mercè is designed by a different artist. This year's poster has been designed by Miguel Gallardo and the protagonist is a normal woman. That is because La Mercè is the festival of the people of Barcelona and the poster should be representative of the city of Barcelona.

La Mercè is a festival with many activities and fun. It is essential to wear comfortable and modern clothes, and in ByeBuyBarcelona we have the best souvenirs of Barcelona and we designed a special pack for you.

This packs are made for men or women and allow you to enjoy Barcelona and its activities.

Pack Number One

Modernist MULTI-PACK composed by: T-shirt + Fan "abanico" + Cotton Bag + Take Away Cup + Notebook + Bookmarks.

Pack Number Two

Modernist MULTI-PACK composed by: T-shirt + Take Away Cup + Bag + Notebook + Bookmarks.

Why this MULTI-PACK modernist?

Because these parties need a comfortable shirt, 100% cotton and high density, and its printed in gold ink to avoid losing the glamour.  Also a cotton bag to save the souvenirs of Barcelona and a Take Away Cup to be always hydrated. This pack also has included a beautiful fan “abanico”. September is still a very hot month and you might need it, also you can use it to dance.

Finally, in this multi pack you’ll find 2 notebooks and a bookmark for write down all the activities you've done and write the dates to don’t miss anything.

The most important is that you can use this multi pack not only to enjoy La Mercè Festival, but for work or any other activities. A great memory of this beautiful city.

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