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Motorcycle Montesa Impala 175 - Escale 1/5


To build a scale model Pere Tarragó used the original model. First he looked at the bike in detail to familiarize with the full outline.
Started by drawing the chassis and wheels with graph paper to scale 1: 5. That's where the construction of these elements begun.The bike begins to shape:  joints, chassis and wheels; from here it is downhill and goes on to constructing the engine and each of the remaining parts to finish the model.
Time to check all moving parts work: brakes, clutch, wheels, transmission checks, etc. Then all the pieces are removed completely to give them a finishing touch: polish, nickel, chrome, decorating and painting.
At this point it's time to proceed to the assembly of countless pieces, using an approximate time of 500 hours.

Montesa Impala was a model manufactured by Montesa motorcycle tourism in two stages: the first from 1962 to 1971 and the second with the name of Impala 2 from 1982 to 1989. Throughout his commercial life they've almost always produced two different cylinder versions (175 and 250 cc, apart from a 125 cc version of the Impala 2), and even some adapted for motocross, enduro and trial. But they all shared the same general characteristics: single-cylinder two-stroke engine, air-cooled, single cradle frame, drum brakes and conventional fork dampers front and rear.

During its heyday, the 1960s, the Impala is one of the biggest commercial successes of Wild, enjoying a strong presence. Their strengths were high technical reliability and impeccable aesthetic, which made him ear the prize Gold Delta industrial design awarded by the ADI. In addition itoffered other advantages, making it especially suitable for the city, including its light weight and low power consumption.

Far from out of fashion, the Montesa Impala has become an object of worship and is one of the classic Catalan motorcycles prized by fansObtain the best gift from Barcelona.

Packaging: Box 40 x 60 x 25 cms

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