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Casa Batlló and Bank from Park Güell

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As we mentioned in other posts, Gaudí is one of the main attractions in the city of Barcelona. This architect has printed their personality in many places of the cities, as buildings or open air spaces as Parc Guell. It’s because this influence that many visitors of Barcelona want to have memories and souvenirs inspired by Gaudí.


We believe in quality souvenirs and there is a workshop in Barcelona that do this Gaudí’s Memories with the quality that we need. This ceramic pieces are reproductions of the most representative Gaudí elements of the city and all of them are painted by hand. Giving to each piece an originality and unique value.

One example of this reproductions are the Casa Batlló reproduction. Casa Batlló was a building that Gaudí reformed giving the character that it has nowadays. You can find this artisanal reproduction here.

Another element which is very representative of Gaudí’s Art is the bank of Parc Güell. This is one of the most beautiful items of Gaudí’s creations and it was declared World Heritage by Unesco. This piece its painted by hand and if you look at the image you can appreciate the value of painting this figure manually.

We are really happy to offer at our visitors the opportunity of acquire this quality and artisanal pieces. We are sure that this presents are the best way to travel to Barcelona each time you see one of this real reproductions at the living room of your home.

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