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The best souvenirs of Barcelona

Jewelry from Barcelona

Hello again! After several weeks of work, we have updated our website. We have added new articles, a second language (spanish) and all of this to be able to offer the best souvenirs of Barcelona.We continue to work with our main premise: to choose the best memories of Barcelona, ​​those articles designed and elaborated in the city of Barcelona.We have expanded our proposals with the most representative jewels of the city icons: Panot, Park Guell, La Pedrera and Paseo de Gracia. All this in different options: ring, bracelet, pendant, .... combine it as you want!These jewels are all made in Barcelona,...

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Barcelona Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

ByeBuyBarcelona is the space where you can acquire the most exclusive memories that represents this city. All our articles have been designed and elaborated in Barcelona or Catalonia, all are 100% handmade and original. Now we want to introduce you our new service: we offer to companies from all over the world an easy and exclusive service of Barcelona Corporate Gifts. You just need to tell us what you need or what budget you have, then for when it is necessary, and finally, we take care of everything: we propose the best corporate gift, different packaging's and / or customizations, etc. Companies around...

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Enjoying the autumn with the best decoration

We are into the autumn season, characterized by the gradual arrival of cold which is accentuated in winter, the leaves of some trees are falling, and the days and nights become with equal length. Autumn became a great season to be at home, and for this reason it’s a good excuse to decorating our homes, and prepare them for these cold days in which we love so much take shelter in the warmth of home, either with friends, family, or in complete privacy and relax. From our website of original products from Barcelona, ByeBuyBarcelona, we offer the following products and...

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Mercè, a festival in Barcelona.

Barcelona souvenirs Festival Barcelona Merçè 2016

La Mercè is a unique festival in Barcelona and one of the most expected events of the year. Every city and town has a festivity week, called here "Festa Mayor", and La Merce is the one in Barcelona, and as a capital of autonomic community, one of the most importants in Catalonia. The dates of the festival are from 22 September to 25 September. It is a perfect occasion to enjoy free activities in the city, and discover catalan traditions such as "castellers" and "gegants", see fireworks, and definetly enjoy a different Barcelona, where we find people from around the world....

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Some of the “Must” places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona souvenirs Gaudí Souvenirs Memories of Barcelona

If you are visiting our website is because you are interested in Barcelona. As you know, Barcelona is a special city located by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by a mountain range. Barcelona is a place with many contrasts and places to visit and if you are in the city, you should need to know the “must” places to visit. One of the most famous attraction is the Sagrada Familia church, which was designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudí during 1883 until he died in 1926 and that nowadays is still in construction. The numerous details of the frontage and the...

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