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Bishop’s Bridge

Bishop’s Bridge Joan Rubió i Bellver

The Bisbe Street (could be translated as the Bishop Street), was one of the main streets of Barcino (Barcelona in the Roman Times). Nowadays it’s a narrow street with a bridge that communicates the Palau de la Generalitat (the building of the government of Catalonia) with the presidential home, called “Casa dels Canonjes”. The “Pont del Bisbe” is the name of this bridge which is one of the most photographed places of Barcelona. This elevated bridge combines the ancient and the mystery of this Barcelona area, called Gothic. This Bridge was built in 1928 by Gaudi’s disciple Joan Rubió i...

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Castellers: Strenght, Courage, Balance and Common Sense

Casteller Castles

If you are walking around a festive day in Barcelona or a festive day in some village around the city don’t be surprised if you see a human tower: they are Castellers and they are doing Castells. The Castells are human towers that has a history of 200 years; they were originated on the south of Catalonia, and were recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco in 2010. The literal translation of Castells in english are Castles. Therefore, the main idea of this tradition is to do Castles trough human towers. Although, castells are something more than...

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