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Scarf by Teixidors


Scarf for men or women. Very soft. Ideal for not very cold weather.
50% Yak + 50% Merino Wool. Mod: Sama

Teixidors create unique, unrepeatable products made with highest quality materials that always follow an entirely manual process. Our project is not a romantic utopia; it’s a work philosophy with a focus on singularity, on the beauty of unique items. 

Teixidors feeds from the fountain of artisan work, tools, processes and attitude. They use classic wool looms, they thread the best raw materials (Merino Wool, Cashmere, Linen...) and they follow a strictly manual process. This is the core of our work, a recipe that combines tradition with a vision of the future.

Dimensions: 35 x 180 cms
Packaging: Box 24.5 x 37 x 2 cms

Get the most original gifts from Barcelona.

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