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Jujol & Gaudí


The intervention of Josep Maria Jujol in the buildings of Antoni Gaudí marked a decisive turning point in the Gaudian work.In this book Jujol’s son, José Ma Jujol junior, portrays the person- al and artistic relationship be- tween the two brilliant architects throughout their 20 years of col- laboration, initiated on the main façade of Casa Batlló in 1906 and which ended tragically due to the accidental death of Gaudí in 1926.Thanks to his research work of both direct (his own father, inter- views with assistants and disciples of Gaudí...) and documental sources, we can identify and value the determinant interventions of Jujol in Gaudí’s work and through which (graphic art of emphatic vibration, “chromatic torment”of great power and lyricism, avant-garde collages in the trencadís...) many creations by Gaudí are identied today.

  • English + Spanish
  • Pages: 156
  • Format: 218 x 224 mm


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