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Barcelona Modernist: Rug - Table Runners - Placemats - Mod. Bailen


Clean geometries with greco-latin air. Warm colours to create a quiet and calm environment. A carpet which brings to mind wellness and balance.
With its quotidian air, for a walk and peaceful shopping, Bailen Street is one of the most charming streets in the majestic Eixample district. Get the best souvenirs from Spain.

Hidraulik is an idea arises in Barcelona and, as antique tiles floors one century ago, it arises from imagination, artistic sense and technical innovation combination. Today we recover that spirit with a contemporary version of the unforgettable tiles of Art Nouveau. The Hidraulik carpets. History and uniqueness, comfort and design

Material: 100% PVC (EN653), fire safe. Bacteriostatic and fungicide treatments applied.

Packaging Rugs: Box S: 17x17x120 cm 3,5kg      Box M: 17x17x160 cm 6kg      Box L: 17x17x200cm 9,5 kg

Packaging Table Runners: 8,5x8,5x31 cm 1,5 kg

Packaging Placemats: 38,5x1x38,5 cm 0,8 kg

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