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Gaudi Olive Oil


"Gaudi Olive Oil - The artists in the Mediterranean" collection is a series of limited editions.

With this selection oils, it's possible to enjoy and compare four excellent varieties of Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil.

1/ Hojiblanca. This variety presents a very balances composition of oleic acids and antioxidants. Its composition ideal from the point of view of nutrition. IRecommended for raw use, e.g. on a courgette carpaccio or in a dressing salad.

2/ Arbequina. The Arbequina variety is characterized by being a harmonious, smooth, light, delicate and sweet oil with smooth bitterness and spiciness. Ideal for sauces and fish.

3/ Picual. This variety has a strong personality, with more intensity and body. This oil is greener with intense fruity taste, higher density and spiciness and medium-high bitterness. Ideal for food preservation, frying and stews.

4/ Morisca. In the Morisca variety we can find herb and vegetable aromas. Green entry in mouth with a touch of astringency and light bitterness and spiciness, which provides a feeling of balanced intensities. Ideal for toasts and recipes in which olive oil is the main character.

Each bottle is 100 ml x 4

Packaging measures: 25 x 25 x5 cms

Due to current laws, it is not allowed to ship this product outside the EU countries.

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