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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Pasifae Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been created to provide information about its origin, history and development of the olive growing since the dawn of time.

The name of Pasifae comes from the Freek legend of "Pastifae and Minotaur" on the island of Crete, the first Greek city in growing olive-trees to produce oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - EVOO: Pure olive juice without defects. The best quality oil. Sensorial characteristics reproducing smell and taste of olives. Suitale for consumption. Acidity less than 0,8%.

Solidarity Product: The net benefits of Pasifae are donated to child support organizations. We also make direct collaborations withe de Oussouye Orphanage in Senegal.

700 ml Bootle + Case + Booklet

Due to current laws, it is not allowed to ship this product outside the EU countries.


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