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Brandy Jaime I Torres


Held in an attractive bottle inspired in Gaudi's work. It includes aluminum and wooden case. Named after the founder of the Torres house, Jaime Torres is due.

World's Best Brandy 2015.

It is aproduct made of the distillation of white wine. Made from the varieties Parellada and Folle blanche.
Screeds made with an average of 30 years of aging.

Variety: brandy. Alcohol content: 38% vol.

Tasting notes: Noble dark mahogany. It offers aromas of red fruit with hints of vanilla and toffee. The palate is round and smooth. The spicy and sensual force that brings the oak aging distinguishes this very old brandy. Impresses with its persistence and balance.

Packaging: Box 16 cms x 28 cms

Due to current laws, it is not allowed to ship this product outside the EU countries.

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