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Barcelona Tree


Full of mystery and attractive, a sculpture that qualifies for any corner of the house. Designed simply as decoration or as candle holders, this game has a lot more to offer than it looks.

You can choose the tree in positive or negative (see photos). Choose the one you like best.

The mini iron tree by Òxids is modeled on real iron. Its been made to look worn. Presence, class and mystery are the features that  the iron shows after being forged to create this masterpiece. A must have sculpture to bring warmth and life to your home. Mini iron is a strong and inspiring figure, particularly suitable for lovers of organic details that connect us to the earth. Get your perfects Barcelona gifts.

Measure Positive : 14,5 high x 8,2 width x 7 fund (cms)

Measures Negative: 15,5 high x 14 width x 7 fund (cms)

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