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Barcelona Chocolate Tiles - 4 Boxes

Barcelona Chocolate Tiles - 4 Boxes


PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE IN JUNE - JULY - AUGUST (Not suitable for high temperatures)


Barcelona Chocolate Tiles Box (Pack with 4 BOXES). Each box with 18 mini tiles of 3 tastes and designs:
- 6 black chocolate
- 6 baked chocolate 
- 6 milk chocolate

These small chocolate tablets reproduce the typical tiles or "panots" of Barcelona sidewalks.

Weight: 108 gr.

Box: 22 x 7,5 x 3,4 cms

Enric Rovira, is an internationally renowned master chocolatier. His products are both in grocery stores and gourmet high quality chocolates stores. He is a reference in the world of more contemporary chocolate.

Due to current laws, it is not allowed to ship this product outside the EU countries.

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